Wednesday, 16 April 2014

50 things that cause #DONTWAKETHEBABYAPHOBIA!

 Some of it might not sound rational but Mums and Dads with babies and toddlers will get it, so in no particular order, things that trigger our anxiety are:

1) Babies crying in the neighbourhood, making you think you heard the baby crying

2) Helicopters - you have never noticed them until now

3) Dog barking if anyone knocks on the door

4) Cat meowing incessantly to be fed.

5)I have a hatred of how the microwave closes, even the kitchen draws see to slam shut...shhhhhh!

6) Washing bottles slam, bang, crash...beep beep beep!

7) Kettle whistling

8) Washing machine finishing

9) Phone ringing

10) Hubby yelling at a sports game on TV

11) Footsteps on the carpet are suddenly amplified

12) Cringe closing door to the bedroom.

13) Don't Flush unless it’s a number 2!!!

14) My dog barking.

15) Loading the dishwasher (why must you drop the cuttlery in to the holder?)

16) Thunder Storms

17) Fireworks

18) Parties across the street

19) That you can't stop appliances from beeping when they are finished

20) Slamming doors

21) Banging pots and pans

22) Cat running up and down the hall

23) Knees or Ankles cracking when you leave the room

24) Cat scratching carpet

25) Your mobile is on silent but it rings and vibrates into the cot as you put baby down

26) Former doted on fur kids now neglected animals choosing baby sleep time to cash in on some lovin'

27) Small house = exaggerated noise

28) Sneezing quietly becomes an artform

29) Going back to a non electric tooth brush to avoid the noise

30) I took of my dog and cats tags off so they don't make any noise when they walk past their room

31) The foxtel remote clicks too loudly when you change the channel

32) Volume Off, subtitles on

33) Guard dog cat that growls if it doesn't recognize the car pulling up

34) People Dragging Cars

35) Motorbikes screaming past

36) Ambulances sirens etc blaring

37) Squeaky Floorboards

38) Cat digging in kitty litter

39) Possum Wars

40) Possum Wars in the ceiling!!

41) Cat fights

42) Forming a special floorboard anticreak walking pattern to overcome creak issue

43) Cars with loud exhausts

44) Thermomixing rice at speed 10

45) My 4 yo boy twin doing a "Kramer" entrance into the room after I've just got the 4 month old down!

46) Noise from the show grounds

47) Faulty smoke detector goes off or if the battery is low it beeps

48) One of those lovely toys going off randomly, when already packed away in one of those many boxes.

49) Dog yapping at the back door because you accidentally locked her out...again...

50) Tripping over a rattle or worse stepping on a musical toy as you leave their room

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