Sunday, 23 October 2016

Going out with Babies, Toddlers and maintaining your Sanity - we've done the hard part, so that you don't have to :)

We find places that are suitable, fun and safe for babies, toddlers (to age 3) and their parents (for your sanity ).

What are these destinations?

Adult (normal cafes), play cafes, outdoor playground and other play spaces. Occasionally we add a book, that we love, food or stuff we like - like awesome products.

What makes us different and why should you share and like us?

Our destinations are specifically for newborns to 3 year olds. These distinct groups have VERY different needs and abilities to 'kids' and with many little ones on our team, all with different personalities, from sit still and don't go far to babies and toddlers that have pushed the limits, even at an early age, we found that places recommend, were just not good for our age group.

We stress test all of places with real life, crazy, happy, laughing & sometimes crying babies and toddlers.

We aim to test with multiple children, baby & toddlers or twins or triplets. This technique quickly shows all of the flaws and we have a wonderful time doing it.

What don't we do?

Unfortunately, we do not accept money from anywhere that we review (OMG that is crazy, right!!!). Why is this? Because in our early days, we kept going to places that were on sites, where any and every business can pay to be recommended. Well, we are about you and your bub/bubs and unbiased recommendations.

Why don't we have a proper website?

We are working on it and we have some amazing plans for the future.

Thank you for your support, please share and like 😊. We hope that you love our page.

Our main site is located on facebook and also on Instagram: and

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